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F.A.Q. / Help

Frequently asked questions

You will find on this page answers on all the questions you may have about the InsectNet Classifieds.
If you have any other questions, please write us :

Who can sell and buy in the InsectNet Marketplace ?
Everyone aged above 18 years old. Both professional sellers and amateur collectors.

Which insects can I sell in the InsectNet Marketplace ?
Every insects as long as you respect international and national laws. CITES species must be sold with CITES permits to protect our visitors. 

How can I register ?
Click on "Hello Sign in" and then on "register", or click here :

How can I purchase an item here ?
Log in and then click on the item. 
Click on "Add to cart"
Click on the basket logo on the top of the website.
Click on "Checkout"
Click on "Proceed to payment / Ask for invoice". Then you will be able to pay via Paypal. 

How can I ask for an invoice here ?
If you have bought several items from the same seller and you want to pay only one shipping cost, the seller will be able to send you a corrected invoice once you have clicked on "Proceed to payment / Ask for invoice" to confirm your order.

How can I send an invoice to one of my buyers (for combined shipment) ?
Log in, then click on Sell < Item I've sold 
Then click on the yellow button "Send invoice to buyers"
Your buyers have to have clicked on the button "Checkout" and "Proceed to payment / Ask for invoice" for you to be able to send him an invoice.

How can I list an item for sale ?
Log in and then click on Sell < Sell New Items

How will I be paid if I sell something ?
You will be paid by your buyer via Paypal.

How do I enter my Paypal informations ?
Before listing a product, you will have to enter your Payment Profile information :
- tick the box "Buyers can pay directly using the following services"
- click on "Add payment profile" on the right of Paypal
- enter your paypal email address
- tick the Paypal box

What are the fees if I sell on this marketplace ?
We offer the lowest fees on the web for insect sellers :
. 0 listing fees,
. 0 store fees,
. no listing limitation,
. 5% fees on final value price. (our competitor charges between 10% and 13%)

How will I pay these fees if I sell something?
You will receive an invoice from InsectNet and you will pay us via Paypal.

Who is responsible if I have an issue with a parcel I receive.
The seller is responsible. If you have a big issue, you can open a Paypal dispute to be refund. 

An offer seems strange to me (fake butterfly, illegal specimen...).
Please send us a link towards that offer so that we check it and delete it.